Hair Removal

Ellipse Light - IPL hair removal system

At Crown H&B Spa, we offer Ellipse Light, a completely safe hair removal system.  Using IPL  (Intense Pulse Light) we can safely and effectively reduce unwanted hair. For best results, we advise a course of treatments with 4-8 week intervals.

Sun Exposure, including sun bed and fake tan, should be avoided 30 days before and after treatment. A consultation and patch test will be needed prior to treatment. The treatment is most effective on clients with black hair. Blond, white and grey hair cannot be effectively treated.

The treatment sensation varies from area to area and from client to client. Most clients describe the sensation as quite moderate almost like the snapping of a rubber band, which only lasts for a short moment.

Crown H&B Spa is Hammersmith's first choice for hair and beauty

Ellipse Light can safely and effectively remove hair anywhere on your body. Duration of treatment and prices will vary depending on the area treated. We also offer professional waxing services for face, arms, legs and bikini area. Trust Crown H&B Spa for all your hair removal needs.

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  Per Session SAVER (Course of 6 sessions)
Full Face £150 £540
Centre Brow £25 £95
Upper Lip £30 £140
Neck £75 £250
Cheeks + Jawline £80 £250
Chin £35 £180
Underarms £50 £150
Upper Arms £100 £390
Lower Arms £80 £350
Full Arms £180 £650
Hands + Fingers £40 £120
Stomach Centre Line £50 £180
Lower Back £80 £350
Full Back £150 £540
Upper Legs £150 £540
Lower Legs £120 £450
Full Legs £200 £750
Feet + Toes £40 £150
Bikini Line £80 £290
Brazilian £120 £450
Hollywood £150 £480